Днес в един сайт GUIDE TO FILM PHOTOGRAPHY публикуваха няколко мои фотографии, заедно с кратък придружаващ текст. Ето ги и тях.

„Describing reality that does not exist – because it is time that stops for an instant – and in this instant it is the heart that comes in line with the eye and the photograph is taken. These little pieces of “the other reality” go beyond the limits of perception and knowledge – for we still use categories and etiquettes.

We need to be intuitive, because it is then that life provides us with chances to record “the good moments” – when we go beyond the limits of the viewfinder, but also beyond the limits of our own perception. And to put a question mark on our photography by chance. Life is a chance. Impulse that may be transposed into moments and they – into children of eternity. An act of presence – imagination touched by mind, which becomes an instrument of knowledge.“